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 B-Flat the Cat Holiday Songs
Format: CD+G
16 + 16 Titles

B-Flat the Cat Holiday Songs

Produce by Sound Choice B-Flat
Auld Lang SyneChristmas
Auld Lang Syne [+]guide vocal
Bats in the BelfryBats In the Belfry
Bats in the Belfry [+]guide vocalBats In the Belfry
Bicycle Built for TwoChildren
Bicycle Built for Two [+]guide vocalBicycle Built For Two
Cockles and MusselsChildren
Cockles and Mussels [+]guide vocalCockles And Mussels
Here Comes Peter Cottontail [+]guide vocalHere Comes Peter Cottontail
Here Comes Peter CottontailHere Comes Peter Cottontail
Hot Cross Buns [+]guide vocalHot Cross Buns
Hot Cross BunsHot Cross Buns
Jingle BellsChristmas
Jingle Bells [+]guide vocal
Over the River and Through the WoodsOver the River And Through the Woods
Over the River and Through Thy Woods [+]guide vocalOver the River And Through Thy Woods
Star Spangled Banner [+]guide vocal
The Dreydl [+]guide vocalThe Dreydl
The DreydlThe Dreydl
The Star Spangled BannerWhitney Houston
The Witches Go Flying Along [+]guide vocalThe Witches Go Flying Along
The Witches Go Flying AlongThe Witches Go Flying Along
Turkey in the Straw [+]guide vocalTurkey In the Straw
Turkey in the StrawTurkey In the Straw
Wassail Song [+]guide vocalWassail Song
Wassail SongWassail Song
We Gather Together [+]guide vocalWe Gather Together
We Gather TogetherWe Gather Together
We Wish You a Merry ChristmasChristmas
We Wish You a Merry Christmas [+]guide vocal
When Johnny Comes Marching Home [+]guide vocalWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home
When Johnny Comes Marching HomeWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home

16 + 16 Titles in English produce by Sound Choice B-Flat
Catalog # SC7005
Format: CD+G
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  • Each song his recorded twice in CD+G.
  • The first track is recorded with a vocal guide to learn the songs.
  • The second track is in karaoke version without lead vocal.

International delivery, Canada, United States, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe... for more than 200 countries.

CD+G Karaoke

CD-G, CDG, CD G, CD Graphic, CD Graphics...
The professional CD+G stands for "Compact Disc + Graphics". This is the most widely used format for Karaoke music. The discs are identical to standard CDs (compact discs) yet have the additional graphics track that allows you to read the song lyrics on a connected TV or monitor. As the soundtrack plays on your karaoke player, the lyrics scroll across the TV in perfect sync with the music, allowing you to sing along to any song!
The sound of a CD+G Karaoke disc will also play in any standard CD, CD-ROM or DVD player around the world. To see the words of song on screen your player must read the CD+G or CD+Graphics format.

The professional CD+G is the industry standard!

Special note concerning the karaoke: The chorus and sometime the melody are present on professional karaoke soundtrack.

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The music is recorded in studio with professional musicians. The soundtracks are top quality and designed primarily to do karaoke and get hours of fun. Both the fans and professionals love the karaoke music for its realism and accompanying quality.
To complete this realism choirs are present if required, as the original song. Sometimes, but rarely some songs may contain a melody, the melody is very useful for amateur singers of karaoke.
For the same title several versions are available, the following glossary will help you differentiate between versions.

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